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Kobe INK Story

The Kobe INK Story series has been very popular since the first collection “Rokko Green” was released in 2007.
As of July 2023, we have increased the number of colors to 84.

We have received many requests for color swatches from our customers, and now you can check the colors by downloading the swatches.
Kobe INK Story Series 1 to 84 are included in this collection.
The colors in the images may differ slightly from the actual colors depending on the viewing environment and shooting conditions.

We hope you will continue to support Kobe INK Story as it continues to evolve!

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Kobe INK Story 84 colors English (33MB)

Kobe INK Story 84 colors Chinese (33MB)

Kobe INK Story 84 colors Spanish (33MB)

Original Fountain Pens

The silhouette of the Kazamidori-no-Yakata (Weathercock House), which stands out prominently in the Ijinkan district of Kobe, has somehow become a monumental presence in the city of Kobe at the foot of the deep green Rokko Mountain.
The weathercocks on the spire of the pavilion seem to always watch over the city of Kobe with warm eyes.
We have transformed our wish that people will long remember this charming scene of Kobe in their hearts and minds into a form by engraving “Weathercock” on the nib, which is the lifeblood of our original fountain pens from Kobe.
The fountain pen with the weathercock nib is traveling from the port city of Kobe to the world with a story to tell.

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Original fountain pen (5MB)

Kip Leather

The gently curved silhouette is inspired by the symbolic tower of Kobe, and the design is simple, functional, and elegant.
The carefully selected kip leather (cowhide) lining is made of a fabric that carefully protects your favorite items.
The more you use it, the more it becomes familiar with your hand, and the more you can enjoy its luster and color changes, making it a product that you can use for a long time.

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Coming soon.

Onomatopee INK

Onomatopoeia” is a mysterious word that describes sounds, voices, scenes, and movements that are hidden in everyday life, and is expressed in colors.
What kind of scenes do these colors and words conjure up in your mind?
We hope you will enjoy “writing”, “seeing”, and “thinking” with our ink when you write letters to your loved ones or draw letters and illustrations as a hobby.

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Onomatopee INK English (1MB)